In South Texas, beach season starts with spring break and goes every weekend until Memorial Day, and then it is all week long.

Beach is a way of life—salt, sand, surf, and  Dos Carolinas Guayaberas. To be comfortable and look sharp, all you need is the original no-iron fabric, better known as seersucker, or a cool cotton gingham guayabera.

If your beach is a little more dressed up, we have that, too, so you can make it to dinner at the club in fine fashion.

The casual style with multiple pockets has room for sunglasses and a phone, so your hands are free for your drink of choice.  All in great style.

Stop by Dos Carolinas and check out the wide selection of shirts ready for the beach.  If you have time before you hit the waves, consider creating your own version of a Beach Guayabera.

Enjoy the beach!