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Designing Your Shirt

One of our customers once told me that shopping at Dos Carolinas was as much fun as going to the liquor store. We are the place that men like to shop and they know what they want and are not afraid to let us know.

We will make it your own. Dos Carolinas is known for the custom guayabera. Our sales staff has the expertise to help you select the shirt that suits your personality.

First we will help you with a fabric selection. From the hundreds of fabrics we offer, one is selected by you. Where will you be wearing this shirt? What is your favorite color for a shirt? Do you like it to be solid or have some pattern? These are just a few of the questions we need to answer before we find that special fabric.

Next the style of shirt is selected. We can make the shirt with just the pleats/tucks or embroidery can be added to the design. Sometimes the fabric will lead us to the design and sometimes the fabric will allow any style to be made. If you have selected the Classic or Formal style of shirt, you will need to select an embroidery style and color. The style is sometimes directed by the pattern of the shirt, but most of the time it is a simple decision as to your preference. The embroidery color is determined by the fabric most of the time.

After the style is selected decisions include, long sleeve, short sleeve, pockets, no pockets, or just some pockets? Also, do you want a monogram on this shirt and where would it be placed? This is all a matter of choice depending on how you plan to use the shirt.

The last decision is to fit. We will take your measurements and then discuss how you want the shirt to fit. The classic guayabera is not a fitted shirt, but we do make our shirts more fitted than the standard boxy guayabera.

As you can tell by the list, there are several steps involved in making just the perfect guayabera. Please contact or stop by one of our stores to start your custom guayabera.

Weddings & Groups

We will work with you to design the perfect shirts for a unique outing. Be this a wedding or corporate event. We go through the same process as above, but then add the individuals in the group. If they are able to come in to be measured that is ideal, but can work with basic measurements as well to make sure everyone looks great for that all important photo to commemorate the event.