Abrazo Candle


Dos Carolinas second signature scent in a 70 hour candle.

This fragrance has notes of Fig, bergamot, orange bitter, matcha tea leaves, vetiver, cedarwood, and sesame accord.

Caroline's Note:

I will admit to being a Daddy's girl. My father played a big part in my life, and I will remember him for his heartwarming hugs. He would greet me with "Hello Sunshine," and always remember to say, "Have I told you lately that I love you." It is no surprise that when I started thinking about a new scent for Dos Carolinas, the idea of a warm hug was on my mind. When I remember his hug, I think of love, warmth, and the scent of freshly ironed shirts. So, I decided to call our new scent  Abrazo or Hug.  


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